Innovation Office

CLUSTERciar, created its Innovation office in order to create projects that solve challenges and add value. The area identifies opportunities and assists in the process of implementing solutions based on the needs of the organization and its customers.

CLUSTERciar Innovation office works in a transversal way with the companies that conform the group (Trace Group, Ciar Ingeniería, Ciar Tecnología, RSN Gestión, C- Technology) and provide innovation in an organic way.

Why innovate?

Why innovate?

Technology and work culture change constantly and force us to transform. Increasingly, organizations choose to implement innovation and to apply it in an organic way, incorporating it into their corporate strategies.

Today innovation is a condition of survival, so it must be implemented in an effective way.

In the external ambit of the company, this allows to generate new business models, modify an existing business, expand it to other markets or create disruptive proposals. On the internal ambit, innovation makes possible to optimize processes in search of efficiency.

Stages of work

Identify opportunities

Produce ideas

Validate ideas

Develop solutions

Value ideas

I want to be part

If you have ideas that you want to share or want to exchange experiences, contact us.

What's new?

The first committee ofInnovation office of CLUSTERciar

The meeting was coordinated by the innovation manager of CLUSTERciar, Marcelo Artigas, and took place in the office that the cluster has in Neuquén Capital. The meeting was attended by employees of companies of the business group, such as Ciar Technology and Trace Group, and employees of the corporate sectors: Quality, Safety, Environment and Health, People Development Management, and Business Management and Institutional Relations. Members of Fundación Potenciar also participated.