RSN Gestión offers management services for companies and institutions. Provides consulting and outsourcing in the following areas: Documentary Control; Purchases and logistics; Facility Management; Information Technology; Marketing and Communication; Taxes; Administration and finance; Salary Liquidation and Personnel Administration; Selection, Training and Development of Human Resources; and Provision of Personnel. In addition, it provides hierarchical staff and know-how for the internal corporate services of all CLUSTERciar companies.



Resolve efficiently and professionally the support processes of our clients so that they can focus their energy on the growth of their business.


Be the leading company and reference in management processes.


Commitment, Respect, Trust, Seriousness, Spirit and Teamwork


Jorge Petrocelli

Cel. +54 9 11 5414 3979

RÍO NEGRO: Route 151 Km. 2.1 – Cipolletti

NEUQUÉN: Buenos Aires 57 PB “A” – Tel .: +54 299 447-1988 / 448-6742 – Neuquén.

C.A.B.A .: Av. Álvarez Thomas 1131 Floor 1 – Tel .: +54 11 4551-5856

Chubut, Santa Cruz, Florida (USA)

Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Tierra del Fuego


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