When we talk about CLUSTER we turn to the most widespread and well-known definition from Michael Porter, who defined clusters as: ¨A group of related companies and institutions, belonging to the same sector or market segment, which are geographically close and collaborate to be more competitive¨. Therefore, they are a COMPETITIVENESS TOOL based on the cooperation of its members.

The philosophy of “cooperation cluster” is being promoted from all areas, business and government, national and international, as they have been revealed as a powerful instrument of business modernization and internationalization.

The main goal of these groups is to promote and facilitate the development of strategic sectors for the regions where they are established, promoting innovation and favoring the attraction of value creation companies, national and foreign. This type of business group stimulates the entrepreneurial culture and is a useful tool for diversification, improving the sustainability of the regions.


CLUSTERciar is a team of companies that collaborate with each other to promote the development of strategic sectors, promoting innovation and favoring the interaction of value creating companies, both national and foreign.

Its activities cover areas such as engineering, information technology, inspection, training and management. The complementarity of its activities allows it to offer integral solutions and added value to its clients, with the premise of building close and long-term relationships.

CLUSTERciar diversifies its offer to cover more markets and regionalizes its activity to expand it throughout the country and the world. It has central offices in the cities of Neuquén and Buenos Aires; regional offices in Comodoro Rivadavia, Cipolletti and Miami, Florida (USA); and operations in the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Mendoza, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

CLUSTERciar is conformed by:  CIAR S.A., an engineering company, specialized in energy and industry sectors, with more than 25 years of experience. Trace Group S.A., a company specialized in the provision of Inspection and Technical Supervision services, with a strong focus on Energy and Industry. CLUSTERciar GLOBAL, provides engineering, technology, inspection,
training and management services in the international market and is also a center for the development of foreign investments in the Southern Cone. RSN Gestión provides management services for companies, human resources and know-how for the internal corporate services of CLUSTERciar. AlitáWare is a software development and integral services company focused on innovation in the information technology industry. It develops integral solutions, products and services that enhance the optimization and digital transformation of individual and corporate processes.

CLUSTERciar connects with society through Fundación Potenciar, an institution dedicated to channeling social responsibility of companies, committed to education and the development of people.

CLUSTERciar sponsors the content of CCNews, a news portal dedicated to inform trends and innovative solutions. More info at www.ccnews.com.ar



Central Offices

Neuquén – Neuquén Capital

City of Buenos Aires – CABA

Regional Offices


Chubut – Comodoro Rivadavia


Río Negro – Cipolletti

Operating Base


Santa Cruz – Las Heras



Buenos Aires


  La Pampa




   Tierra del Fuego



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